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Design and Engineering

We can provide you Necessary Engineering Support

We combine classical analysis techniques with modern tools such as CAD and FEM softwares. Whether it’s a small GPS antenna Installation or a complex airplane fire fighter conversion, we can provide you with the necessary engineering support. To maintain the most up-to-date knowledge, our engineers regularly attend, FAA seminars, courses in specialized fields (Fatigue and Damage Tolerance) and MRO conferences. We consider ourselves to be specialists in Static, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance evaluations.

Most of the primary structure of an aircraft is made of aluminum, steel, or in some special instances titanium alloys. Like most metal alloy structures, fuselage, wings, and empennage structures are susceptible to corrosion, abrasion, distortion, or damage due to unforeseen circumstances. We are here to help you navigate through any recoverable damage repair evaluations to get your aircraft to be airworthy as soon as possible.

Our experts are well-equipped with classical analysis methods and state-of-the-art technologies based on Finite Element Analysis. We can identify critical areas of the bulkhead repair and create a design with the most practicality while being compliant with stringent regulatory requirements from FAA or EASA.

If you need some more room in your personal Cessna or your corporate business jet, we are here to help you through the design to certification stages.

Wildfires are a looming concern in the United States and many regions in the world. The need for rapid response in moments of notice is growing at an exponential rate. Firefighting aircraft are seen as one of the most viable solutions to tackle wildfires. Although it is not a simple assignment, we are here to assist you navigate through obstacles and challenges in the firefighting conversion process of your aircraft or the fleet.

“Fatigue and Damage Tolerance is a specialized discipline involving the assessment of the response of materials and structures to the aircraft and propulsion system mission cycles, most notably cyclic loading (i.e., the application of repeated or fluctuating stresses, strains, and stress intensities)” – FAA

Our company has one of the few subject matter experts on F&DT in the country. We are also capable of approving repairs that require fatigue and damage tolerance approvals on Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft.

Whether you want to install a single feed-thru antenna or a complex KU antenna radome, AES can help evaluate, and certify your design. We can also assist you to design your concept and steer you through the FAA certification process.

It is essential to ensure the external camera you install on the aircraft is secured safely to meet the required regulatory guidelines. AES can help you do just that.

Aircraft conversions (passenger to transportation) are a major industry in aviation. Installation of cargo doors on a Boeing jet, Airbus model, or a large aircraft consists of fuselage large cutouts. Our experts and the consortium of specialist consultants can assist you to manage all the intricacies of such a large project while keeping you well informed.

Installation of new equipment on the floor of your aircraft may need additional reinforcements. AES can help you design and evaluate the reinforcement or any of the repairs you need on existing damage on the floor panel of the aircraft.

Our DERs are capable of approving mechanical systems on both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft. We can also design and provide you with a complete set of drawings for your installation.