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Aircraft Structures Engineering Solutions LLC is a family operated aerospace engineering service company specializing in the FAA/EASA approval of Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft, aircraft components and aircraft systems. We provide engineering support (Design, Analysis, and Testing) and FAA DER/ EASA CVE approvals to the aviation industry.

Structural design is our true passion. Having worked in the aerospace industry for over a decade, our engineers posses a great wealth of knowledge in design and analysis of complex repairs and alterations.

Design and Engineering

We combine classical analysis techniques with modern tools such as CAD and FEM softwares. Whether it’s a small GPS antenna Installation or a complex airplane fire fighter conversion, we can provide you with the necessary engineering support. To maintain the most up-to-date knowledge, our engineers regularly attend, FAA seminars, courses in specialized fields (Fatigue and Damage Tolerance) and MRO conferences. We considered ourselves to be specialists in Static, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance evaluations.

Fuselage, Wings, and Empennage Collision, Corrosion and Fatigue Damage Repair

Pressure Bulkhead Repairs

Antenna Installation (Small GPS antenna to Large KU/Radome antenna)

External Camera Installations

External Baggage Compartment Installations

Fire Fighting Conversions

Fuselage Large Cut-Out Installations

Floor beams and Panels Repair

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance evaluations of Airplane Primary Structure

Mechanical Systems Including Oxygen, Portable Water and Waste, Air Conditioning and Pressurization, Smoke Detectors, and Smoke Penetration

Project Management

Project management can be very complex and time consuming for large scale STC projects. Mismanaged project often results in unacceptable delays obtaining regulatory approvals. Our experienced project engineers can manage your project in an efficient way to avoid the hassles.


We can provide you the appropriate approvals for your certification needs.ASES has experience working directly with FAA, ODA (FAA) and DOA (EASA)

We use the following licensed engineering softwares for our analysis

Our library consists of most of the industry standard references including Bruhn, Niu, Allen and Haisler, Rivello, Orden and Boeing Design Manual. We use the following licensed engineering softwares for our analysis


FAA/EASA Certification

We can provide major repair and alteration data approvals for Owner/Operator under 14 CFR Part 43, or Certified Repair stations under 14 CFR Part 145.

Our certification projects for Part 23 and Part 25 airplanes can range from filed approvals (8110-3) to FAA design and modification approvals under 14 CFR Part 21 (STC and PMA). With the integrity and quality of work, our engineers have formed a trusted working relationship with the regulatory authorities. We work closely with FAA, EASA, ODAs and DOAs. Also, we are currently involved with the Transport Canada (TACA) and South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). Our services includes,

  • FAA/EASA Complete Data Packages including Approvals (STC and Field Approvals)
  • Weight and Balance Reports
  • Flammability Assessment Reports
  • Mechanical System Safety Analysis
  • Certification Plans
  • Test Plans and Test Reports (Bird Strike/ dynamic Seat Testing/ Head Strike)


Our staff consists of two FAA DER® (Structures and Aircraft Systems), one Engineer (Aerospace), and office Manager(Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer). Collectively we have several decades of engineering experience. Our past projects involved the following airplane modles.

  • Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777
  • Airbus A319/A320/A321, A330, A340
  • McDonnell Douglas DC 8, DC 9, DC 10
  • Bombardier CL-600 Series, BD-100, BD-700
  • Mystere-Falcon 10, 20, 50, 900, 2000
  • Gulfstream G-I, G-ll, G-lll, G-IV, G-V
  • Hawker 125 Series
  • Cessna citation Series
  • Beechcraft King Air, Queen Air, B300
  • Learjet 40, 45, 60, 85
  • Aerospaitiale ATR 42, 72
  • SAAB 340, 2000

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